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By 10 February 2020News

We promised you, an extraordinary event is coming up to celebrate our fifth anniversary. It’s now official, Wake up and run joins forces with the Lakelive Festival to offer you a full day, full of twists and turns, just for you!


Save the date!

Dear Runner, on Saturday, August 8th, save the day to come celebrate with us! Set your alarm clock for later and join us for a national run at 9.30 am at the lake, with a stop in the centre of Biel.


And then what happens?

Just relax! It’s not breakfast that awaits you, but a BRUNCH that will be served to you after the race. Once you’re full of energy, you have to digest it well.

Several summer activities, sports or cultural, will allow you to stretch your legs.


Believe us, you won’t be disappointed!


Run, brunch, have fun

As you can see, this day is all about celebration and fun. In spite of all that has already been mentioned, it’s not over yet!

The highlight of the show is that with your ticket you can directly access all the concerts of the Pop Night of the Lakelive Festival.


Our anniversary, your day

But this special day is mostly yours!

For the occasion, bring your favorite WUAR t-shirt from the last 5 years. We can’t wait to see it!


We look forward to seeing many of you to make this day memorable.

So, ready to celebrate with us by the lake this summer?