Contribute to the recycling of Wake up Boxes by doing a good deed and offering help to your fellow man…

A second life for your Wake up Box

After you’ve let off steam at the Wake up and run event, you will receive a Wake up Box with your breakfast. We want you to be able to reuse this box in order to give it a second life, in order to respect our motto which is to offer a clean, designed and thoughtful event that is more respectful of the environment. To carry out the project, we have created a partnership with different associations.


Your breakfast appreciated and your box without food, recycle it by putting different products of your choice on it according to a list specific to each association (see PDF link below) and bring your magic box to life.

In order to do this good deed, you can send your box by post or drop it off at the address of the association of your choice.

For more information, you can also visit the websites of the associations.

L'Epicerie solidaire Vernier


Epicerie Solidaire

Service de la Cohésion sociale
Ch. de l’Étang 4
1219 Châtelaine

Les Cartons du Coeur


Cartons du Cœur
Case Postale 51
1723 Marly


Cartons du Cœur
Chemin des Alouettes 11
2502 Bienne


Cartons du Cœur
La Communance 26
2800 Delémont


Cartons du Cœur
Grange Saint-Martin 5
1350 Orbe