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7 good reasons to wake up early…and to take part in a wake up and run event

You don’t know yet if you want to take part in a Wake up and run event because it starts early, REALLY early ? Let me convince you to run with us at 5.30 am…

Here are 7 good reasons to get out of your bed early in order to start your day the best possible way:

  1. Waking up early enables you to be more productive. As most people are still asleep, early morning is the best time to go through your E-mails or any administrative work you have been postponing forever without beiing constantly interrupted.
  2. Waking up early enables you to avoid traffic jams and rush hours.
  3. By setting your alarm earlier, you can take the time the sit, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and some personal time.
  4. Why not learn a new language or play music or write down your thoughts? By waking up at 5:30 am you can free time for many activities that you wouldn’t do otherwise.
  5. When you exercise in the morning, the proability that other duties get in your way is lower.
  6. To wake up early you need to go to bed early. This keeps you from wasting your time watching stupid TV shows.
  7. When you wake up early and you are not under time pressure, you can improve the quality of your diet by eating a balanced and healty breakfast

Of course there are many, many more reasons…By taking up the challenge and waking up early to run during a Wake up and run event, you will probably find your own benefits.