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Breakfast according to wake up and run

Breakfast it the first meal of the day. It is recommended to cover ¼ of the daily requirements with a breakfast that includes the following ingredients:

  • Cereal food: a piece of bread, a cereal bowl, rusks,…Cereals provide the necessary energy to get through the morning. Whole cereals contain more fibers, vitamins (Group B vitamins) and minerals (iron, magnesium and zinc) than refined cereals.
  • Fruit-based food: fresh fruit, dry fruit, fruit compote, fruit juice… fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibers. Varying the colors ensures a diversification of flavors and nutritional benefits (antioxidants).
  • Dairy product: a glass of milk, a yogurt, cheese, a cappuccino…dairy products are full of protein and calcium. Protein satisfy hunger and bring amino acids while calcium preserves bones strength.

Depending on one’s taste, breakfast can be completed with jam, jelly or honey and / or butter.

Breakfast Examples
Toast with butter and jelly, fresh fruit, milk coffee
Muesli cereals, diced fresh fruits and yoghurt, tea or coffee
Toast with butter and jelly, cheese, fruit juice

What if I am not hungry at breakfast time?

For years it has been repeated over and over that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. However, according to the Federal Office of Public Health, a third of the Swiss population (over 18) does not eat in the morning.

If you don’t have time or you are not hungry right after getting up, you can have breakfast on the train or eat a balanced snack at 10am during your coffee break. This way, you just postpone your breakfast and you avoid being starving before lunchtime. Remember: the most important is to listen to your body and to the feeling of hunger and satiety.

Birchermuesli to go!

1 person, preparation time: 5 minutes

50g oat flakes
or                                                                                                                  add at breakfast time

25g oat flakes and 25g crunchy muesli

100ml milk
100g plain yogurt150-200g diced or shredded fruits
(for e.g.: apple, banana, pear,… )
Lemon juice                                                                                             add to mix


Depending on your taste: add dried grape or cranberries, ground hazelnuts, ground cinnamon, …