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Wake up and run t-shirts: swiss quality printing

By 10 November 2017News

Our t-shirt is always better and stronger; just like you!

We really wanted to offer t-shirts with a high-quality logo print that does not alter the breathability and thermoregulation features of the Craft technical sports product. For this reason, we decided to work with Buwaprint.

Buwaprint was founded in 1991 by Pascal Buchwalder. Some time later, his brother Francis joined the company, which became an Ltd. With three printing machines, Buwaprint is at the cutting edge of technology and is one of the best-equipped actors in the sector. Specialized in screen printing (stencils printing), the firm also manufactures customized caps (embroidery) in collaboration with Pascal Buchwalder’s stepfamily in Vietnam.

Screen printing technique

Screen printing involves a screen (polyester and nylon cloth on which appears the logo / the text that has to be printed on the t-shirt and that is tensed and fixed on an aluminum frame). When the t-shirt is placed on the printing machine, a first printing with one color is made. Then, there is an intermediary drying, which is followed by the printing of a second color and so on. Once the logo printing process is over, the t-shirt goes through a machine for polymerization (also called drying) at 160°C. The plastic inks harden with heat, which enables to permanently fix the inks on fabric.


Buwaprint SA
Rue du Père Carré 8
CH-2802 Develier