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By 29 November 2019News

Since 2019, SWIZA has been one of the strong national partners of Wake up and run events.

Once again this year and to celebrate our 5th anniversary, SWIZA is proud to have specially designed the essential breakfast knife, customised in the colours of the 2020 anniversary event. In order to offer breakfast to the participants of the race, the pocket knife is composed of two blades. One to cut his bread or fruit and the other to spread his butter. New, the traditional corkscrew has been added to last year’s knife (not to be used for lunch). Its shape and design allow an easy and easy application.

The SWIZA Swiss Army Knives, awarded the Red Dot Design Award, best of the best 2016, revisit in a contemporary way a cult object of Swiss heritage: the multifunctional pocket knife. Its curved shape allows an optimal grip, facilitated by its texture pleasant to the touch, soft, non-slip and particularly resistant. The cleverly designed design provides direct access to the tools, which are themselves perforated to facilitate their opening.

Other models of their pocket knives are available for purchase on the site.