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Albaladejo Rugby Club Lausanne

By 2 December 2019Lausanne, News

Created in 1969 thanks to the enthusiasm of several students at the secondary college of Bethusy, the Albaladejo Rugby Club Lausanne is one of the most ancient rugby club in Switzerland. It has the particularity to bear the name of an international french rugby player, M. Pierre Albaladejo.

The Albaladejo Rugby Club Lausanne regroups 80 license-holders passionate about this sport, and has both men’s and women’s teams. The latter was created in 2015. We are also co-founders and active member of the Ecole de Rugby Lausanne (Lausanne Rugby School) intended for children between 5 and 18 years old.

Everyone is welcome in the Albaladejo Rugby Club Lausanne “family”, beginner or confirmed, to share our values – solidarity, courage, and loyalty, to be active on the field, to support our players, or even to simply discover and appreciate the beauty of rugby.

We also invest ourselves in the local community, through our engagements in actions such as the Mimosa action of the Croix-Rouge or the Wake Up and Run race.