Unfortunately, just like last year, we are still living in extraordinary times. Because of this and the restrictions in force concerning the holding of sporting events, we are obliged and for the good of everyone, to give up again our “Wake up and run” events.

The year 2021 promised to be an exciting one for the early risers of Friday morning. Wake up and run had planned special measures and a very special concept. Despite this and due to the different difficulties and norms related to each canton and city, we cannot afford to take the risk of incurring more costs for the current year.

Indeed, B Creative Sàrl is a small company and these last months have been particularly difficult from an economic and emotional point of view. The financial benefits of the various tickets, but also the unconditional and vital support of our sponsors and partners have been a key point for our survival. Unfortunately, the impact of the Covid-19 virus is felt more than ever at all levels. Several suppliers in difficulty, too many unstable elements for an organization in 2021. B Creative Sàrl has lost a considerable amount of money as a result of Covid-19, 2020-21. We are therefore obliged to inform you, with great regret, of the cancellation of the 2021 races.

As a result of these difficulties, Jérôme Blank, the founder of Wake up and run and director of the company B Creative Sàrl, with a heavy heart, has no other choice than to transfer the Wake up and run 2022 organization to a larger and financially solid structure. Indeed, B Creative Sàrl is a young and small company which unfortunately Covid-19 will have had its way. The aids are insufficient and the 2020 losses too consequent to function correctly and durably.

More information will follow in the coming weeks.

We hope for the best for our “Wake up and run” concept and thank you warmly for your support and understanding!

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